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Welcome to Data n Dashboards’ innovative service offering – Data Lake Aotearoa New Zealand. This comprehensive solution is designed to revolutionise your data operations, providing a wealth of publicly available datasets from one place. By leveraging the power of Data Lake Aotearoa New Zealand, we help you save enormous valuable staff time spent on searching for existing datasets, downloading them, and then cleaning them.

We've made something special to help businesses everywhere save lots of time and effort. No more wasting hours looking for, downloading, and cleaning up data. We keep our data collection fresh and always growing, so you always have the latest and most useful information at your fingertips. It's a new day for working with data, made simple and efficient.

At Data n Dashboards we aim to keep the data lake fresh by regularly updating the data. And we are always on the lookout for adding more datasets.

Data Lake Features

Comprehensive Data Collection

Data Lake Aotearoa New Zealand is one of the largest data collections in New Zealand, comprising publicly available data from around 40 different organisations and having more than 800+ different datasets. It is a comprehensive data solution where you don’t need to worry about searching for the data, downloading, and then cleaning it before using it for your various projects, reports, and plans

Regular Data Updates

To ensure the relevance and accuracy of your data operations, we regularly update our data lakes with new datasets and refresh existing ones. Our proactive approach keeps the data lake fresh and aligned with the evolving needs of global organizations.

Seamless Integration

As pioneers in the Snowflake Marketplace, we offer a data solution where all datasets are pre-cleaned and ready for analysis in any software. This integration facilitates a smoother workflow for data analysts, focusing on generating outcomes rather than data preprocessing.

GIS Support for Spatial Mapping

Our data lake includes boundary GIS files, making it easier for organizations to create spatial maps. This feature is invaluable for a wide range of applications, from urban planning to environmental monitoring.

Access Data Lake Aotearoa New Zealand from Snowflake Data Marketplace

Company Benefits & Solutions

We are the first company in New Zealand to be in Snowflake Marketplace. It is a comprehensive data solution where all datasets are already cleaned and ready for further analysis in any software. This will help data analysts to focus more on the outcomes, rather than spending time on data collection and data cleaning. Moreover, the data lake comprises of boundary GIS files for easily creating spatial maps useful for almost every organisation. Our service is instrumental for any organization looking to leverage data for informed decision-making, offering benefits such as:

  • Efficiency: Save on the time and resources spent on data collection and cleaning.
  • Accuracy: Access to cleaned and up-to-date datasets ensures the reliability of your data-driven decisions.
  • Scalability: Our vast and diverse data collection is scalable to meet the needs of any project size or complexity.
  • Innovation: Leverage our data lake to explore new opportunities for innovation and strategic development.


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