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Step into Data n Dashboards’ innovative service – Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud. Seamlessly, this all-inclusive solution enhances your nonprofit’s capacity, income & impact. By leveraging the world’s #1 CRM, foster relationships, amplify impact, and manage data cohesively on a single integrated platform.

Empowering every nonprofit to make a global impact, Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud is not just a tool; it's a transformation. It's about turning data into action, connections into collaborations, and challenges into opportunities. In a world where every cause matters, this solution ensures that no mission is too small and no effort too big. Together, we can create a ripple effect of change, one nonprofit at a time.

Salesforce Not-For-Profit Cloud Features

Program Management

Scale your impact with Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud by obtaining a holistic view of interactions, addressing needs efficiently, and fostering trust with tailored care. Systematically measure and track outcomes to validate and enrich your programs, empowering staff to visualize impact and communicate effectively with donors and funders.


Enhance your philanthropic efforts by building trusted relationships and managing your entire grantmaking process within the Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud. Centralize grants and programs to improve transparency and expedite contributions, facilitating seamless collaboration and communication between stakeholders.


Power your global teams with a unified view, actionable insights, and enhanced collaboration. Consolidate nonprofit data, streamline app and data integration, and employ advanced security measures to protect your organization’s information.


Boost your fundraising efforts with Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud by optimizing donor identification, cultivation, and stewardship processes. Increase fundraising potential with integrated strategies that drive donor conversion and manage the entire grant-seeking process efficiently.

Marketing & Engagement

Engage and expand your community with personalized experiences. Save time and resources while keeping supporters engaged through automated journeys, providing real-time, personalized content to program participants worldwide.

Program Management

Deliver Powerful Programs at Scale with Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud

Dealing with numerous participants can pose challenges. However, by obtaining a holistic interaction overview, you can pinpoint and address pressing requirements efficiently. Foster trust and offer tailored care by seamlessly sharing data with external partners.

At the heart of your mission lie your programs. Validate and enrich them through systematic measurement and tracking of outcomes. Empower all staff to visualize impact, facilitating improved planning and effective communication with donors and funders.

Irrespective of your mission, streamline tracking and automate tedious processes to liberate staff time for higher-value tasks. Bolster collaboration through an integrated platform, enabling program planning, service tracking, and outcome analysis.


Build Trusted Relationships and Invest in a Better Future with Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud

While securing funds is your main activity, the essence lies in building relationships. Enhance your stewardship with applicants, grantees, reviewers, and other key players by managing your entire philanthropic endeavor within a single system, thus driving greater impact.

Monitoring grants can be a tedious task for both you and the recipients. By centralising grants and programs within one platform, you can bolster transparency and expedite your contributions. Streamline your initiatives with nimble systems, allowing grantees to report outcomes and access disbursement schedules anytime, anywhere.

Facilitate seamless collaboration and communication between applicants, grantees, and your team. Deliver the information stakeholders require exactly when they need it through tailored communication.

Gauge the performance of your programs to identify the most promising grantees and fine-tune your financial support. Optimise your investments by examining trends and employing data-driven decisions. Employ real-time data to eloquently share the narrative of your impact.


Power Your Teams with Unified View, Actionable Insights, and Collaboration

Consolidate various kinds of nonprofit data, whether inside or outside Salesforce. Utilise a comprehensive suite of tools to link with external nonprofit databases such as AWS, ensuring seamless data connectivity.

Streamline app and data integration via a collection of pre-configured REST APIs and templates with Mulesoft Any point. Achieve secure systems integration with just a few clicks, and create interconnected experiences without the need for coding through Mulesoft Composer. Automate repetitive organizational tasks to enhance efficiency.

Employ ready-made report and dashboard templates to scrutinize your data with the Nonprofit Success Pack. Identify possibilities, forecast results, and obtain advice within your CRM through CRM Analytics. Gain insights into your nonprofit data with the highly adaptable, self-service analytics platform, Tableau.

Incorporate an extra layer of security to counter internal risks through advanced protection, monitoring, and data retention within Salesforce. Gain insight into your data and user activities to pre-empt potential breaches with Shield.

Revolutionise your work style from any location by bringing your team and their preferred tools together in a single digital workspace with Slack. Make data the focal point of every discussion by aggregating information from various sources for quicker collaboration and decision-making.

Enhanced Features on Demand


Boost Your Fundraising Efforts with Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud

Facilitate the donation process by accommodating preferred channels of your donors. Ensure every interaction is recorded for a comprehensive view of supporter engagement.

Optimise the way you identify, cultivate, solicit, and steward major donors. Automate your moves management process to free up staff time for direct donor interaction

Enhance direct mail processes and boost channel performance through strategic segmentation and source codes.

Increase your fundraising potential with integrated online fundraising strategies that drive donor conversion.

Make the entire grant seeking process more efficient, from prospecting and proposal submission to managing deliverables and reporting.

Marketing & Engagement

Engage and Expand Your Community with Personalized Experiences

 Save time and resources while keeping supporters engaged through automated journeys, whether it's a series of welcome emails for new donors or a multi-channel campaign for year-end fundraising.

 Keep your supporters informed about opportunities to contribute to your mission and share updates on the impact of their contributions.

 Provide real-time, personalised, and dynamic content to all program participants, regardless of their location.

Identify the most engaging channels and content types, and use this data to motivate your advocates to take action.

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