Housing & Homelessness

A series of online digital dashboards to increase accessibility to data across the housing spectrum. 

Housing and Homelessness Dashboards:

The dashboards serve as a comprehensive platform that caters to all local information requirements regarding housing – encompassing topics from homelessness and emergency housing to social housing and assisted living, and extending to market rentals and home ownership.

Below, the dashboards are categorised into seven distinct themes. The dashboards offer:

1: The latest data exclusive to the Western Bay of Plenty sub-region, including granular data for individual suburbs where feasible.
2: A platform to exchange data throughout our region, which is typically hard to procure.
3: A channel to voice and advocate for the particular needs of our sub-region.
4: A resource for everyone to employ facts and data in guiding localised decision-making concerning service provision and catering to local demands.

Home Ownership

Includes the following dashboards:  
  • Building Consents by SA2
  • Building Consents by TA
  • REINZ Median House Price & Volume Sold
  • Tenure of Households
  • Home Ownership

Social, Public and Transitional Housing

Includes the following dashboards:  
  • Public Housing Supply and Support by Region
  • Public Housing Supply and Support by TA
  • Rental Properties
  • Community Housing Provider Tenancies
  • New Dwelling Consents Compared to Household
  • Dwelling and Housing Cost

Housing conditions

Includes the following dashboards:  
  • Damp Dwellings
  • Mouldy Dwellings
  • Dwelling Dampness and Dwelling Mould by Household Income

Rental accommodation

Includes the following dashboards:  
  • Bonds Lodged and Rental Paid


Includes the following dashboards:  
  • Family Services Directory
  • TCC Homelessness Records
  • People in Probation Care of No Fixed Abode

Related Topic Areas

Includes the following dashboards:  
  • Children and Young People in the Care and Protection Custody
  • Mental Health & Addiction Service
  • Suicide Statistics
  • Family Violence Convictions

Population and Households

Includes the following dashboards:  
  • Household Income and Composition
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