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Public Sector Data as a Service (PSDaaS) by Data n Dashboards is an annual subscription-based solution for public sector organisations’ data needs. Offering access to 800+ datasets, 200+ dashboards, collaboration tools, and training materials, PSDaaS supports data- driven insights for improved service delivery and efficiency. The service leverages Tableau and Snowflake and includes expert guidance, enabling organisations to maximise their data potential. It also provides a custom set of dashboards for organisations strategic planning that fosters informed decision-making.

Through the development of comprehensive data dashboards, we can identify trends, monitor progress, and evaluate the effectiveness of policy interventions. By embracing data-driven insights, we can better target resources, assess community wellbeing, and bridge the gap between public expectations and policy implementation.

Public Sector Data as a Service (PSDaaS) Features

Place Making Themed Dashboards

Our Place Making Themed Dashboards, including child youth wellbeing, housing homelessness, economic development, safety family violence, and environmental sustainability, provide valuable insights for data-driven decision-making to improve community wellbeing.

Data Lake Aotearoa New Zealand

Save valuable staff time with Data Lake Aotearoa New Zealand, one of the largest data collections in the country. Our data lake features over 800 datasets from 40+ organisations, streamlining your data search, download, and cleaning processes for various projects, reports, and plans.

Community Wellbeing Dashboards

Our interactive Community Wellbeing Dashboards provide detailed insights into the quality of life and access to resources at a granular level. These essential tools aid in identifying areas for improvement and fostering community wellbeing.

Public Dashboards

Around 120 dashboards developed as a part of Community Pulse are made publicly available for your territorial authority. These comprises of themes: Place Summaries, Child & Youth Wellbeing, Safety, Housing, Community Wellbeing (Social, Economic, Cultural and Environmental).

Community Wellbeing
Survey Dashboards

We develop custom dashboards around your community wellbeing survey, annual resident survey, long term plan, annual plan and council performance.

Corporate Services Dashboards

Integrate with the Council’s ERP to create dashboards via Tableau or Power BI, ensuring reporting and insights for staff.

Dashboards in Tableau Cloud

Access all data from our data lake and create custom visualisations as per your need. Plus, access all public dashboards with ability to download the data and get further insights either through visualisations or narratives.

Support Hours on Demand

Block of 12 hours for twelve months. We can cover tasks around data queries, tableau help, data analysis, data research, data cleaning, and dashboard development.

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  • Our Commitment: Driving Change through Data insights: At Data n Dashboards, we transform clients into outcome-driven organisations through sustainable, repeatable processes. Our focus is to enable you to understand your business better, reducing the burden of data collection and analysis
  • Comprehensive Data Support: From Connection to Reporting: Join a community of change-makers. Together, we can shape a better future for New Zealand through data-driven insights.

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